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I seriously can not believe its time... Time to look back on my year in food and recall all of the delicious and not so delicious things I have devoured in 2012! It's been quite a big year for me, and my blog has seen tremendous growth this year, so I made sure to eat fabulously for you guys! Now, to the good stuff! I made sure I took a good look at my year in food for this top ten list. It was so hard to narrow 10 of my fav's down...so hard that when I starting the initial list I  had 13!  

For 2013, I know that there will be an abundance of fabulous things to eat! With so many restaurants and food concepts popping up, my fork and knife will be in the our greatest adventure yet! So check out my fav's and click on the underline titles to read the initial reviews! 


               TOP 10 FAB THINGS I ATE IN 2012

#10 - Strawberry Blueberry Jalapeño Lemonade! 
When I created this recipe, I was on a serious lemonade kick. It was so hot in NYC this past summer, I just wanted to drink something cold and wonderful! Also my local supermarket was having a sale on berries, so that was also a wonderful thing. I love the jalapeño in this drink. Its so different, and when you start drinking it, the heat from the jalapeño hits you! Surprise! 

#9 - The Bourbon Pecan Sticky Bun w/ Sea Salt @ Janes Sweet Buns! 
I always tell you fabulous eaters, to get out and walk around and eat what catches your eye! Thats exactly what I was doing one night when my friend and I walked right into Janes Sweet Buns. This was during my cinnamon roll stage, and the bourbon pecan sticky bun with sea salt put me right at ease! It was warm and fluffy and had tons of whole pecans and lots of sugar! I pulled layers apart, a pecan with every bite.. Heavenly! 

#8 - The Veggie Burger @ Harlem Food Bar! 
I say all the time that I am a meat kinda girl! Although I dont eat alot of red meat, I still love meat (i.e chicken, turkey, lamb, etc) and I love a good burger. Although a meat girl, I do like veggie burgers as well, but I find that they always seem to be one or the other, either  too"veggie" or "not enough veggie" . The veggie burger at Harlem Food Bar, is a great example of the perfect veggie burger. Its made with lentils, mushrooms, barley, and other delicious grains, but the mushrooms give it the mouth feel of meat! Topped with cheese and avocado, this was the best veggie burger I have ever come in contact with. 

#7 - Cauliflower Relish from the January 2012  Issue of Bon Appetite Magazine! 
I love food magazines! I read them front to back, but very rarely do I try a recipe from them. This cauliflower recipe caught my eye in the January 2012 issue of Bon Appetite magazine. It has all the things I love to eat, and had fresh tomato sauce, which is a MUST HAVE in my eyes. I tried the recipe, and couldn't stop eating it! It is so filling with the seared cauliflower steak, or just with the relish on top of a protein. Lets just say, I ate this relish once a week for the next 2 months! 

#6 - Pear Salad @ Pulinos!
I sometimes feel like because its salad, people dont give it enough credit, or even attempt to make it taste good. Well, Pulino's did the exact opposite and put all their love and affection into this Pear Salad with a Stracchino crouton with mixed greens tossed in white balsamic vinaigrette. This salad was so fresh, light and well seasoned; the balsamic vinaigrette was sweet and tangly and the creamy stracchino cheese crouton was so good... We ordered two! 

#5 - Korean BBQ @ New Wonjo
I believe that when you see numerous people going in and coming out of a restaurant, or searching for a specific restaurant, thats a sign that you should check it out! I took my own advice and went into New Wonjo restaurant in Korean Town one afternoon, because I wanted to see why these women walking infront of me were searching for this place. I soon found out when I sat down for some authentic Korean BBQ, with all the fixin's! Tons of traditional side dishes and freshly grilled seafood and meats were all the rave as I added New Wonjo to my foodie repeat offender list! 

#4 - Banana Pudding Ice Cream from Phin & Phebes! 
My love for ice cream will never go away. Especially since my taste buds had the pleasure of tasting this banana pudding ice cream. I like banana pudding (especially from Magnolia Bakery) but who put it in ice cream! WOWZARS! Phin & Phebe's, a small ice cream company located in Brooklyn NY did and they are making artisan ice cream in some pretty cool flavors, and when I got down to the last scoop, I was so glad they made this decision! 

#3 - The Cheese Fries @ Bill's Bar & Burger! 
I LOVE hot fresh, crispy shoe string or regular cut french fries! No ketchup, just piping hot with a few shakes of sea salt! Im not a fan of steak cut fries....That is until the wonderful chefs over at Bills Bar & Burger cover steak fries in hot creamy cheese sauce. When I go to Bills, regular fries are NOT an option. I only want their cheese fries....with an additional side of extra cheese. This cheese sauce is so good, I need additional cheese, so that every inch of my steak fry is covered with it. 

#2 - Cookie Butter from Trader Joes! 
I always see people post pictures on social media or I hear people talk about Cookie Butter. I love cookies and of course I love butter, so when I finally went Trader Joe's to see what everyone is talking about, I made a bee line for where this Cookie Butter was located. Its one of those things I believe you have to taste for your self, because describing the flavor verbally, you would never get it right, even with the best dictionary and thesaurus . The mouth feel is reminiscent of peanut butter but the taste is something else..sweet..little crumbs of ground cookies..I believe I ate the whole jar, spoonful after spoonful..in 24hours. Its delicious on apples by the way! Run dont walk to Trader Joe's!! 

#1 - Kittichai @ 60 Thompson Hotel! 
I had some apprehension about dining at Kittichai during Winter Restaurant Week, seeing as how sometimes restaurant week can be a bit of a bore. Boy was I wrong as I walked into 60 Thompson Hotel, and was taken aback by the sexy atmosphere of Kittichai! This restaurant is the definition of sexy, and with food to match. The curries and sauces at Kittichai are worthy of being bottled and the food you will want to eat over and over again..in the same week. There's a level of flavor with every bite, along with the food being cooked to perfection. The chili smoked hanger steak,  baby back ribs, and the prawns with coconut curry cream, set 2012 in motion for some fabulous eating! 


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