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So I don't want to start this post off saying that my mom and I followed some people into New Wonjo restaurant in Korean Town recently..But...technically we kinda did. She and I were out doing light christmas shopping recently in the unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing here in NYC and we had to walk through Korean Town to get to where we needed to go. No big deal.. we have been there before due to one of our favorite restaurants being in Korean Town. 

Anywho, this group of women walking infront of us were searching for a particular restaurant along the 2 block long strip on 32nd street, and of course as soon as I heard one of them say "The restaurant is right here" my eyes lit up instantly. Once the restaurant was found the women rushed happily inside New Wonjo Korean Restaurant. I made a mental note of it and kept walking. Of course shopping and spending money works up a major appetite (naturally!), and we needed a place to sit and eat lunch. This is where the "following" came into play.. You guessed right fabulous eaters! Mother and I headed to New Wonjo to see what all the fuss was about!  And you guys know my motto! If there is a line outside the door and/or a long waiting list..EAT THERE! 

First off, I LOVE the fact that mostly , or if not all the restaurants in Korean Town are open 24hrs a day! YEEEEEE! Do you guys know how much late night eating I can be doing? WHEW!  
So New Wonjo is a 2 floor Korean restaurant, but you want to sit on the 2nd level because this is where the Korean BBQ happens! 

Each table on the 2nd level is equipped with a mini grill in the middle of the table to grill your own meats, seafood, and veggies that you pick from the BBQ menu, and also enjoy all the accompanying side dishes that come along with the meal as well. We thought our server was never gonna stop placing small side dishes on our table!! 

Heres what we ordered: 

~Plum Wine 

~Seafood and Scallion Pancake {small}
~Marinated shrimp BBQ 
~Assorted Seafood BBQ { shrimp + clams+ squid + mussels + salmon}

Sides included (that I could make out) 

~pickled daikon + carrots
~garlic and jalapeƱos 
~red bean paste 
~marinated scallions 
~red leaf lettuce
~2 bowls of rice 
~ sesame oil w/ cracked salt + cracked black pepper

We came in around 3:30pm and we were seated before the dinner crowd came in, so we were not able to BBQ at our own table, but the server cooks your choice of protein for you table side, up until 5pm. I love when food tastes fresh and New Wonjon is definitely serving the freshest food and seafood. The seafood was cooked perfectly, just until turning opaque and the rice was hot and fluffy. Good enough to eat alone! There were side dishes on the table  I didn't recognize like these potatoes that were cooked with a brown sauce? (delicious btw) and these slightly spicy julienne strips of something chewy (delicious as well) but by the time we got through half the food, we were stuffed. There will be a little sticker shock when the bill comes, so please be prepared for that, but I feel like the fun atmosphere, BBQ'ing your own meat and the amount of food and the portions you get are worth the money. And its meant to be shared so make sure you go with someone you like, because the food is just that good and plentiful! 

23 W. 32nd street 
New York, NY 10001

photo via New Wonjo 

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