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In the time of social media I don't think anyone can escape networking and meeting new people. I'm ALWAYS on twitter (follow me @SpeedyLVFoodie) and I  have met some great people, thanks to this platform. Alot of them, foodies that share the same love for great food like I do, and meeting David Opancha was no different.  David, food blogger of his own site, has his fork and knife to the street when it comes to great places to eat and the latest food news. I read David's blog all the time, and I have it saved to my favorites list especially due to the fact that I think that David has not only great humor, but the best food humor, and I laugh out loud every time he described how horrible or amazing a meal was. I reached out to David to see what was happening and to of course pick his brain of all things food and what he thinks the state of food will become!  

Christopher Stewart ~ How did you get into food media and food blogging?
David O. ~ When I was 13 my father taught me how to cook. Anytime my parents would throw a dinner party it was me and him in the kitchen, everyone would rave about the food. That experience made me want to be a chef. When I was 19, I was a total shit head. I felt to get myself back on track was to get back into food, so I started looking into Culinary school. As I did my research an opportunity to become a Union Electrician came about. It was hard to say no to a good paying union job with medical benefits, a free college education and a pension. But food always lingered in the back of my mind. So in 2007 I started a good blog called "Eating Out NYC" but quickly changed it to " devour nyc" in 2009.

CS ~  How do you feel about food trends?
DO ~  There are food trends I love, like farm to table and street food. But there are food trends that I hate like cupcakes and pizza in a cone.

CS ~What is your food philosophy? 
DO ~ Simplicity. Flavors and textures that even the most amateur palate can pick up. Yeah, tweezer food and molecular gastronomy is cool but sometimes I don't feel like playing inspector gadget while eating dinner. 
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CS ~ As a food blogger, do you think social media (i.e twitter, FB, Instagram, blogging) is killing the essence of cooking? 
DO ~  Besides television food shows, social media maybe one of the main benefactors fueling the food revolution. For example, I am out in the ass end of Brooklyn, eating in a hole in the wall restaurant that has outrageous food. I snap a pic, hash tag the photo with the location along with what I am eating and in seconds upload to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In minutes its spread to a pool of millions of people and someone who has never been to this hole in the wall is now thinking of trekking out to Brooklyn to try it. 

CS ~ What's your opinion on the future of food blogging? 
DO ~ Food blogs are the future, that is of course if other food bloggers fly straight. I can't begin to tell you how many emails I receive a week offering me a "Free Meal" in return for a good review. Yes, because I am going to put the integrity of my writing, which I spent almost 5 years building up for a cheeseburger. Leave that bullshit for the assholes on Yelp. 

CS ~ What's your food related guilty pleasure? 
DO ~  Popeyes : 5 piece chicken strips, fries, extra biscuit.

CS ~ What's your favorite blog post from your own blog?
DO ~  My POP burger review. I think it was the funniest review I have ever done. (Read review here

CS ~ What's your go-to restaurant for a no-fail meal? 
DO ~ I am what you call a "mood eater". I have to be in the mood for something. But usually, there is this spot near my house called La Casa Bella, it's a Pizzeria with a full service restaurant. Their alla vodka slice is hands down the best vodka slice in Brooklyn. Their chicken parm is utter perfection.

CS ~Finish the sentence! " I will never eat....." 
DO ~ Celery.... Uck, I wouldn't eat that vile vegetable if it was deep fried in chocolate sauce and served on a silver Tiffany's tray buy a big butt Asian girl with a trust fund.

CS ~ What is the 1 ingredient in your home at all times? 
DO ~  Garlic

CS ~Let's play word association! 

David ~ Foodie - Pompous

-Anthony Bourdain - Entertaining 

-Food Media - Shady
-Food network - Out dated 

-Yelp - Useless, Classless, Uneducated (food wise), Assholes, Morons ( should I keep going?) 

-Chef - Respect 

CS ~ What's next for you? 
DO ~  Honestly, I haven't thought about it. I am still trying to come to terms that total strangers read and respect my opinion on food. I started at the bottom, there is nowhere else to go now but up. 

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