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I should be ashamed to even be admitting this, but this post signifies my first time eating the bao's ( a soft steamed bun filled with various meats and veggies)  from BAOHAUS, Chef Eddie Huang's notoriously popular shop in Union Square. Everyone from celebrity chefs, to neighborhood bao enthusiasts, to my chef friends have all enjoyed these delicious litte buns all thanks Chef Huang, Im the one thats late. I have passed this shop before but I had just eaten a ton of pierogies with my favorite white girl, and I was just too full to try anything else. So I put it on my -maybe next time- list.  Huang and his brother first opened BAOHAUS in 2009 on Rivington street  to get people familiar with the Taiwanese-Chinese foods that they always wanted you to know about. Now BAOHAUS on E. 14th street and 2nd Avenue, is the go-to place to hang out and listen to the latest hip hop,  and of course to feast on some delicious variations of bao's, also factoring in that this spot is on the "cheap eats list".  Chef Huang is not your typical chef. There are no crisp white chefs coats and a quiet brigade system kitchen staff working swift and so quietly that you could here a pin drop. No, here at BAOHAUS there is a fun young staff  slinging pork belly with Taiwanese red sugar, Jeremy Lin bao's and Young Jeezy playing on the speakers. Chef Huang himself, usually has on a snap-back and Nike Air Max. I have no problems with this as I look over the menu and quickly decide that for around $3.50 each, I want 3 bao's and something to drink. 

I ordered the following: 

Chairman Bao- braised all natural Berkshire pork belly x crushed peanuts x cilantro x Haus relish x and Taiwanese red sugar 

Haus Bao - braised all natural Creekstone beef cheek x crushed peanuts x cilantro x Haus relish x and Taiwanese red sugar 

Adobo Bao- braised all natural chicken x sweet chili x cilantro x daikon x cucumber slivers 

Ai Yu Jelly Lemonade - Ai Yu seed jelly x lemons x rock candy. 

For one, I love cheeks. Its a cut of meat that is so good and tender when braised and its so under rated! I wish more and more people utilize cheeks on their menus, but Im glad it was in my bao. I loved how the buns are so soft, warm and fluffy. Any piece of warm bread and Im on it. I dont particularly have to have the braised chicken bao again (next time I will try the fried chicken one or the fried oyster bao) but the popular beef cheek and pork belly were my favorites. Like c'mon who doesn't love pork belly? If you dont, you should go out an get some! Im also a lover of the sweet/smokey flavor combination so the Taiwanese red sugar on the meat was a plus for me. The lemonade which has pieces of ai yu jelly floating in it (think bubble tea) was good, and I sipped that and enjoyed my bao's all the while listening to Juvenile's all time classic banger  "Back That Ass Up"! 

238 E. 14th street btwn 2nd and 3rd ave.

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