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So sad this had to end ; / 

With warm weather, and a clear schedule, I always advice people to go out, take a chance and see where you end wise. No agenda, no list of places you've been dying to get your fork and knife in. No new celebrity chef hot spot with a farm to table menu.  Just walk, some menus, and repeat.  This is exactly what happened when the end result was to wind up at Trader Joe's ( for lentil salad of course! ) for my mom and I, but there were city blocks and avenues in between us.  With sunglasses, sneakers, and absolutely no worry in the world on a recent sunday afternoon, we were looking for a snack and some lunch, something delicious and filling but nothing to heavy that would have us in pain and aggony and we wouldn't be able to walk back to the train.  One of my foodie apps on my iPhone directed us to a sushi restaurant a few blocks over with a 91% liking, so we headed there passing by Kumo Sushi. Peeping in the window and stopping to read the display menu outside, Kumo Sushi seemed to cover the basic sushi needs of kitchen appetizers, sashimi, and sake.  "We will come back to this" my mom said as we shrugged at the menu and kept walking to our 91% place.  After that walk got a little too long and we were near starvation, I turnt my foodie app off and  Kumo Sushi was our new destination as we turned around and walked the other way.  

Im SO glad that we walked into Kumo Sushi. Never follow the crowd fabulous eaters! Although we were close to being the only people in the restaurant at the time, the sushi chef warmly invited us in and we were quickly presented with thick menus and ice cold glasses of water. Im usually not a fan of menu inserts but I am a fan of the insert that slipped out of Kumo's menu. I didnt think I would stray too far from my love for $3 sushi at JIN or the uber fabulous sushi buffet at ICHI UMI, but Kumo sushi not only has amazingly fresh sushi/sashimi/food but they also have an all you can eat sushi menu including an assortment of rolls and other things for $26.95.  After reading this I went straight to my text message inbox alerting my crew that I have found a new sushi spot for us! We didn't have the specials that day but we did lunch on some pretty delicious stuff. The mango tempura roll was crispy and the mango dipping sauce it came with did not take away from the "need" of having a classic roll infront of you. My pink lady roll was wonderful due to the fact that it was covered in two of my favorites: Fresh salmon and avocado! No complaints from me as I got down to my last 2 pieces and didn't want it to be quickly...I should have ate slower... :::sigh::: You know something is good when 3 wks later, we found ourselves BACK in Kumo Sushi for dinner, because the craving hit and we happily answered it! Im also excited to report that I can add Kumo to my cheap eats list, with our tab both times coming in at under $40 ! 


~Shumai - steamed shrimp dumplings 
~Green Salad- ginger dressing 
~Pink Lady Roll - salmon x avocado x cucumber x salmon on top 
~Tempura Shrimp Roll w/ Mango 
~Alaska Roll - salmon x avocado x cucumber 
~Tempura Shrimp Roll 
~Tuna Roll 

P.S -  From one fabulous eater to another, I warn you to get a side of ginger dressing for your sushi, and a large side to take home for $10. Kumo should really consider bottling this dressing and selling it....I would totally buy 5 bottles to start and try to put this on everything I ate.


165 W. 72nd street btwn Amsterdam and Columbus Ave 
New York, N.Y 10003


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