Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Ceetay Restaurant in the Bronx,

I strongly believe that in this moment right now things are quit wise.  Like a snooze fest.. Like don't even invite me, I'd rather lay on the couch liking random pics on Instagram, eating lentil salad ...boring. I say that with such description because I know for a few of my friends and I, how many times are we gonna go to the same restaurants, eat the same things, and fawn over the same chefs?  For a couple of months now, our mouths have been craving something new and exciting in a different place and I believe our prayers have been answered. The "new an exciting" can be viewed as the unevolved.. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" per se. I believe it takes a special person to see the potential in something at one point in time. The neighborhoods that no one once wanted, are now the new hot dining/residential destinations, luring foodies to the tougher side of town to eat at restaurants that are on the rise. 
The Bruckner boulevard section in the Bronx, here in NYC for a long period of time was occupied by huge work lofts, car washes and auto-repair shops. Now, it is becoming more and more residential, with apartments being built, along with shops and restaurants as well. 
When I got the text that I was invited to CEETAY, a new sushi restaurant opening over by the Bruckner, I RSVP'd with pure excitement for the thrill (and taste ) of something new. Along with my excitement for sushi (Ive been eating alof of it lately) I was also excited to see the restaurant design work of my friend Liza Goncalves, owner of The Oval Company , a creative visual agency covering tasks such as brand identity, interior design, along with website design and development, just to name a few. I picked Liza's brain on why she decided to take on the interior design of a newly opened up and coming restaurant. She states..... 
"..The interior design of CEETAY was different because we wanted to make it creative and yet unconventional, all the while sticking with Asian cuisine and culture. CEETAY has modern industrial aspects, with antique and vintage touches. For example the walls are covered with hand stained Chinese newspaper, the decor on the shelves are deconstructed books, and the chandeliers through out are clusters of mason jars"..
When you enter CEETAY, you definitely  get the antique yet unconventional feel. Window seats, small tables, and a small booth in the corner, your eye goes straight to the main wall that is covered in strategically placed newspaper, and then your senses immediately guide you to the 2 small open kitchens on the right....Which brings us to the delicious food we ate......
Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Ceetay Restaurant in the Bronx,
Wit my crew and I being avid sushi eaters, and the help of Liza's suggested favorites, we dined on the following. 

~Seaweed Salad

~Vegetable Spring Rolls x pineapple dipping sauce 
~CEETAY Tuna Bruchetta - Spicy tuna x guacamole x crispy rice 
~Deep Fried Shrimp Roll- Avocado x Cucumber x Massago x Lettuce x Spicy Mayo 
~Kawasaki Roll - Oven Baked Crab x Mayo x Scallion x Sweet Sauce x Slice Avocado 
~Grilled Suzuki Roll - Spicy Tuna x Cucumber x Fried Sweet Potato 
~Pinot Grigio 

Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Ceetay Restaurant in the Bronx,
As Ive stated in a previous post, the number 2 has been working in my favor lately restaurant wise, because yet again, after we ate the first round of food, we ordered a 2nd round. With everyone agreeing with full mouths and heads nods, the sushi at CEETAY is delicious. The vote was unanimous that although each roll was extremely fresh and had a lot of components on it ( a thick sweet sauce , oven baked crab, AND crispy fried sweet potato)  every ingredient went together. Nothing was over powered and there were also ingredients that we had never seen on sushi before..which makes the trip to CEETAY worth while. The portions along with the price point for the menu are great also, which means you can order a few different rolls and share with friends! Sometimes you go to restaurants on their first week of opening and things are off and you push that to the side knowing first week jitters. CEETAY did not have this problem, everything down to the fine details of service were amazing and I cant wait to see the overall growth of this new place.  Fabulous eaters, I try not to disappoint so CEETAY will be added to my new favorites! 

129 Alexander Avenue 
Bronx, N.Y. 10454 

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