Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Little Poland on 2nd Ave,
Im starting to think that the number 2 maybe my lucky number... as I sit and eat my 2nd plate of housemade pierogi's on 2nd avenue, in a window seat with my old college roommate of 2 years. She text me on a beautiful afternoon recently and instructed that I meet up with her at Little Poland, a Polish diner located in the East Village here in NYC . I believe one of her text mentioned "housemade pierogi's" and I basically already had majority of my clothes on. I loved eating pierogi's as a child, but im 100% sure that they were a bastardized American version, but this Polish diner was not. Little Poland serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a hand full of recognizable American items,all the while staying close to their roots with Polish favorites but thats not what we were ran here for..... 

Heres what we dined on..

~Warm Borscht 
~Very Special Pierogi Platter - assortment of pierogis stuffed with potato, sauerkraut and cheese, served with a special sauce. 
~1/2 order of 1/2 cheese and 1/2 potato pierogis- 1st round fried served with sour cream, and 2nd round boiled and served with special sauce. 
~Blintzes - 1 cherry and 1 meat filled. 

Initially I had my eye on the potato and lamb soup but since I was running late (stupid local 4 train!) , my friend had a cup of the warm borscht while she waited for me to join her. The borscht was great seeing as how I am a beet fanatic. How ever beets are served, where ever beets are served... I am always ordering. My fried cheese and potato pierogies were the highlight of my entire day! The cheese pierogies were filled with a farmers cheese which had a hint of sweetness, and the classic potato version were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. And who doesnt want to smear chilled sour cream on something?! My 2nd plate of the same pierogi which was boiled with the a cream sauce this time was still good, but I found this time around the pierogies were too doughy and extremely heavy. This is a dish you eat in the winter when you need to gain extra body heat. Still tasty none the less. I didn't get a chance to taste the blintzes ( I was in a pierogi coma) but my friend said they were delicious. After devouring a large amount of food for 2 girls (even the waitress looked shocked) we weren't at all shocked at the bill. There is always room for cheap eats in my book!

200 2nd Avenue 
New York, N.Y. 10003

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