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I <3 Sprinkles ! 
I feel REALLY late writing this review about these amazingly delicious cupcakes, especially since I always see or read online about how Sprinkles cupcakes are the reason for rehab. I honestly didn't even know we had a Sprinkles here in NYC, so when I casually walked up on the Lexington Avenue store location recently, I immediately hung up from talking to my mother. Sorry mother, but I needed her to get off my iPhone so my full attention could go towards fully understanding this cupcake craze. Sprinkles first launched in Beverly Hills and is known for their signature colored dots atop there cupcakes, and the use of natural ingredients for the cupcakes such as citrus zest, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, and Belgian chocolate.  With an iphone app for cupcakes, and a 24 hour dispensable "cupcake ATM" machine in Beverly Hills, Sprinkles has seriously set themselves apart from the common "good" cupcake. The cupcake ATM literally dispenses a cupcake through the macine the same way you would go about getting cash. You can even get cupcakes for your dog! I finally made my way inside the small yet busy pink and brown wood themed shop, and I love the simple, clean, minimalistic spread. As I make my way to the counter to place my order, avoiding a toddlers with frosting on their hands, I place my order for the following: 

~Banana - Fresh banana cake with choice of vanilla or chocolate frosting 
~Carrot - Walnut studded carrot cake w. cinnamon cream cheese frosting 
~ Red Velvet - Southern Style light chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting 

I waited until I got home to devour my sugary selections on the couch in private with no judgment and thats just what I did. I know I raved and fell out over ButterLane cupcakes a few weeks ago but sorry, Sprinkles takes the cake. These cupcakes taste like how I would actually make them for myself. Rich and soft cake with the actual ingredients, shredded carrots, walnuts, pieces of banana. The red velvet actually taste like the way it should be...deep chocolate cake! And Im a fan of thick sweet frosting, and Sprinkles piles it on! I could swipe some off with my finger and still have enough frosting to eat with my entire cupcake! Im so happy that I live on the west side and Sprinkles is located on the east side because if I was able to access these cupcakes easily.....I would need a platinum gym membership ASAP! 

780 Lexington Ave (btwn 60th and 61st street) 
New York, N.Y. 10065 

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