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If you revisit  some of my blog posts, you will come across my restaurant review of a small Italian restaurant on Harlem's new "Restaurant Row" called LIDO. ( click here to read review!  ) I dined there when they first opened and as I raved in the review, I loved very bite of it, down to us trying to order another one of the same dessert after devouring our first one.  My 26th birthday was recently and I wanted to spend this special time with friends doing what we do best, celebrating a great life, laughing, drinking and of course eating fabulously. I thought that I wanted to have a big dinner party but I opted out of that when I really felt like doing something close and intimate with people I really care for. My fashionista friend Nijah and I headed to LIDO this time for brunch, with bottomless mimosas on our mind. The second time around, LIDO has grown in popularity, word of mouth and great online reviews, hence the reservations I had to make to assure a table. That's a great thing because, even on this rainy gloomy saturday afternoon, this small restaurant was lively and loud with brunch goers laughing and eating and hosts and servers whisking  around with carafes filling champagne flutes repeatedly and happily with orange mimosas. 

Turning our waitress away one too many times because I had a laundry list of things to tell her, we finally looked over the menu and made some tasty decisions. Here's what we brunched on after the jump :


~Farm Fresh Poached Eggs x Veal Meatballs x Fontina x Broccoli Rabe x San Marzano Tomato 

~Baked French Toast x Berries x Cream x Vermont Maple Syrup 
~Grilled Bread x Butter x House Made Jam 

Although a 1 page menu, LIDO covers the brunch basics and also includes salads, sandwiches and mains. Only thing I noticed that was missing was the "pancake" addition on the menu but Im pretty sure no one is complaining with how great all the other food is. Our poached eggs and veal meatball came served in a mini piping hot cast iron skillet with a piece of grilled bread. The tomato sauce was a basic recipe but was not bitter the way tomato sauce can be if there is nothing added. The eggs were poached perfectly and the veal meatballs were my favorite, not only because they are meat and I love veal, but they very flavorful on there own and thankfully were not dry!  I had the grilled bread to accompany my eggs and the house made jam with whole berries was sweet but not a sugar syrup consistency which stood well up against the smokey grill marks on the bread. I had a piece of Nijah's french toast and surprisingly it was made from baguette. You dont see a lot of french toast made from this specific type of bread which is good because it was soaked in what seemed to be this sweet cream batter before baking. My friend exhaled with food in her mouth ...and I quote "When you write about this french toast tell them it was delicious". I guess that explains the french toast right?! With nothing left on either one of our plates, polishing off mimosa number 4 and scratching off topics to discuss, the dessert menu was presented and we just kind of ....looked at it. You know that look in your eye with friends that silently says ....."I could eat what we just had again".. Thats exactly what we did !!! Our food was so delicious that we ordered another round of poached eggs and meatballs. I dont think I have to go any further raving about how great LIDO is on top of the fact that we ordered twice which is a dead giveaway ...Like the album title says.... Thank Me Later. 

2168 Fredrick Douglass Blvd. 
New York, N.Y. 10026

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