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If you have been following my site from day one or am a personal friend of mine, you fabulous eaters know the following 2 things about me... Ok 3...

1. I love meat. I dont eat alot of red meat, but when the meat/protein craving hits and shit gets real... I want meat AND a egg on top. 

2. There are some things I just refuse to cook when my mom is around (i.e. fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, cornbread to name a few)  And lets add to this point that I dont know how to fry chicken. Judge me because I judge myself. My black card's revoked some places. 

3. Im kind of like a man when it comes to this meat thing. I dont want to pick or sort through and chew on bones. I want a hunk of meat. Crispy, juicy, medium rare- medium. I dont play! 

And since I dont like to pick and sort through bones to get meat off of them, my mothers idea of frying chicken backs recently, I was like ehhhh....whatever..ill eat out or something because I just refuse with the picking. On my 3rd fried chicken back..(dont judge me I love when my mom fries things) I came to the realization that there is actually Christopher worth meat on these backs. A lot of people including chefs are re-defining the undesirable parts of animals these days. At a point in time chicken backs were only used to make stock and sauces no more..no less. 

When I posted the above photo on my Facebook and Instagram {Follow me on instagram: ChrissyStew29) accounts with the caption that read "Name this animal part" people guessed everything from fin to tongue! See what happens when you stray from the basics? I loved these, mainly because there was enough meat (especially from the bottom of the chicken called the oyster) fat, and crispy skin for me to not have to sort through.  And they are super easy to fry up. Then it hit me! Wouldn't these be great with like a sticky honey bourbon glaze?... My next experiment !! 


 1 pack of fresh raw chicken backs, cleaned 
garlic powder 
1-2 cap fulls of white wine vinegar
3 teaspoons of hot sauce
canola oil, for frying  (or your favorite frying oil) 

Remove excess fat from fresh chicken backs, but do not take all of the fat and skin off. Season with desired amount of salt, pepper, garlic powder and white wine vinegar. Toss in flour coating entire chicken back. Shake off excess flour and gently place in hot grease and fry until crispy. 

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