All this fun..eaten in less than 3hrs 
I love the following scenario that I am about to present to you fabulous eaters for a number of reasons.  You get to eat alot of things, in small amounts, shave off a few calories by walking, just in time to make enough room....to eat again.  When one of my besties met up with me after a business meeting recently, although slightly chilly out in NYC that night, we decided to get something to eat, but to just walk and  see what was in the area. Luckily we walked upon St. Marks Place were there are tons of tiny hidden restaurants and bars. We had no agenda what so ever and if it caught our eye..we had planned to eat. In a 2-3 hour time span..we walked and ate..and sat down and ate the following deliciousness....

BUTTERLANE-  Ive always heard about this small cupcake shop and it was excitingly located next to my business meeting (can we say LUCK) so why would we not stop inside. Thats a given.  Im totally an advocate for places producing really good products using great and fresh ingredients in a small non threatening setting, and ButterLane is just that. And since 'butter" is in the title, why would I not want to taste anything in this building. Yall know me too well. My friend and I opted for the popular 4 pack box. 4 of any cupcake with your choice of frostings your stomach desires.  Our 4 pack included :

1. Banana cupcake w/ Banana Cream Cheese frosting
2. Banana cupcake w/ Caramel frosting, topped with popcorn
3. Banana cupcake w/ Peanut Butter Frosting, topped with mini marshmallows (via Elvis!)
4.  Banana cupcake w/ Dark Chocolate Frosting and Sea Salt

Clearly we had a thing for banana that day but we totally ate(aka inhaled) 3/4 of the soft, fluffy, flavorful cupcakes as we walked, with periods of moaning out load with delight and stopping to switch and feed each other another flavored cupcakes all the while precisely moving out of peoples way so we dont drop anything. ButterLane maybe my new favorite cupcake.

As we continued to walk, and I had my last banana cupcake in my mouth, I stopped mid bite bye a flashing sign of everything Ive wanted in life over the past few months. Recently Ive had this weird infatuation with cinnamon rolls, and watching the Cooking channel one night I wrote down a featured bakery in the city on my list of go-tos. Of course it slipped my mind, but when we walked up on JANES SWEET BUNS, mid cupcake bite I grabbed my friends hand and went inside. I had a cupcake in my hand but was ordering the Bourbon Pecan bun with sea salt wit my other. Ugh the softness of this cinnamon bun was equivalent to a new pillow or a new cashmere sweater.  It was served warm and very tender and it wasn't heavy as some  rolls can be.  Whole pecans, bourbon, lots of cinnamon and sticky sugar. Good thing this place is out of my daily commute because if it wasn't...id need a gym membership.

Funny how quickly the remaining cupcake went in my bag and the cinnamon roll in my dominant hand as we were a little tired of sugar and we wanted real food. Diagonal from Janes Sweet Buns, we took a seat inside THE BURGER SHOP.  The word burger really just caught my eye and its more of a bar type setting than anything else. Plain and simple, the menu wasn't complicated at all, but it was a really good meal. We kept it simple and dined on:

~The Shop Burger- Pulled Pork x Cheddar x and BBQ sauce
~The Greek Burger - Lamb Burger x Tzatziki sauce
~Shop fries  and a order of garlic parmesan fries

For the setting to be so low key and there to have been only 1 server/bartender.... These burgers are delicious. My lamb burger was cooked exactly how I asked and well seasoned. The shop burger was amazing. The garlic parm fries..dont kiss anyone after these..the fries were tossed in a large amount of minced fresh garlic, clumps of grated parm, and parsley!  Even when the fries got cold I kept on eating.. fabulously...

123 E. 7th street
New York, N.Y. 10009

Janes Sweet Buns
102 St. Marks Place
New York, N.Y. 10009

The Burger Shop
115 St. Marks Place btw. Ave A and 1st street
New York, N.Y. 10009

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  1. I love that area I was addicted to butter lane last summer next time check out the big gay ice cream shop next door its EVERYTHING! I'm def gonna try the burger shop



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