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I want to eat here like 3x a week..minimum. 
This post is going to be alot...Alot of good things.. but alot none the less. I blame myself because as always I, Christopher am always trying to do too many things at once. Luckily everything I was trying to achieve came out great. As Ive posted, its restaurant week here in NYC and for some reason..its been getting snubbed more now then ever. The complaints of not having the "better" meal on the menu, or its a waste of time, or the portions are too small, is just weird to me. I love Restaurant Week! I feel that it takes the edge off dining out and of course hungry diners wallets. Like seriously can you honestly complain about a $35 meal at a 3-5 star restaurant that you normally wouldn't even be able to dine in? On top of the fact that the check average at alot of these places are over $250?..I feel like $35 is no pressure what so ever. Does having a $35 price tag cover the payroll, rent, and food of the restaurant? Lets be real..But I digress... 

As I let my friend pick where he wanted to dine...I started to think...Experiment time!!  The experiment would be as follows..Could you truly enjoy restaurant week for $35, no more no less?  Im notorious for wanting any and everything on the menu and I, 9 times out of 10 usually order extra when Im dining out no matter where I am. Its a habit and an addiction all at the same time. My friends choice to go to KITTICHAI was perfect for my experiment, because it covered a few aspects that I was thinking about. For one, I tend to forget that some amazing restaurants call hotels their home, so walking into Sixty Thompson Hotel for dinner recently brought me back to reality, especially since I grew up eating in hotel restaurants due to my grandfather. I must say, Kittichi is very very sexy.. Candle light..dark sections for intimate seating...a slight tropical theme in a trendy urban city setting. Kittichai is Thai cuisine which I love, but its not the typical either..they definitely have a upscale spin on their use of  traditional and recognizable flavor profiles..which I love to.. There are classics on the menu like tartars and curry's which sits comfortably next to baby back ribs and caramelized pork belly. With all of that deliciousness, the struggle was REAL not to order extra as I vowed to stick to the Restaurant Week menu( I even tweeted about it the struggle..@SpeedyLVFoodie)...I didn't even order a cocktail. ( I wanted the mango ginger martini so bad! smh) Good thing the water was flowing all night....Heres what we ordered after the jump...

We dined on: 

~Baby Back Ribs, Mekhong Whiskey BBQ Sauce 
~ Stir Fried Mussels, Chili, Thai Basil, and Crispy Shallots 
~Chili Smoked Hanger Steak, Long Beans, Preserved Chili Jam 
~Stir Fry of Prawns, Curried Coconut Cream, and Asian Celery 
~Flourless Valrohna Chocolate Cake, Fresh Cream 
~Coconut Creme Caramel, Coconut Tuille 

Quote me on this fabulous eaters, I NEED Kittichai to bottle and sell there sauces, curries, rubs, whatever, because I will buy it. The flavors that are in this food are absolutely amazing! Nothing was too over powering, every flavor was just enough, sweet and spicy...bold...exceptional.. Nothing you will taste put together anywhere else on another plate. Im not a big beef eater, but if it wasn't for the fact that my friend was starving and wanted his hanger steak I would have took that off his hands for him QUICKLY...probably a little too quickly. The steak was cooked perfectly medium, but the chili smoked flavor and the preserved chili jam MADE the steak. My friend doesn't enjoy shrimp, but after tasting my prawn curry...need I say more? ..

Here is where the experiment came to life. Half way through our entrees..we realized that we were full. The sigh of fullness disbelief hit us around 4 bites into our steak and curry. Oh and the thought of was alot going on...keep eating because the food is soooo good...breathing when needed..thinking of dessert for encouragement.. You all know you do this too....  Im going to go against the critics{as I usually do} here and say YES you can FULLY enjoy Restaurant Week with only $35 and please ALLOW Kittichai to prove this to you... 

KITTICHAI (ground floor of SIXTY Thompson Hotel) 
60 Thompson Street btwn. Spring and Broome 
New York, N.Y. 10012

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