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Housed inside The Time Warner building at Columbus Circle here in NYC, are numerous restaurants that are break the bank worthy... Per Se being one of them. Just below Per Se on the 3rd floor, resides LANDMARC. As my mom and I picked a place to have dinner and catch up with each other, we found ourselves meeting at Columbus Circle, and checking out the menu. What caught my eye on the menu wasn't even for dinner. It was the breakfast menu that had "fruity pebbles" as a breakfast item, that I knew okay, maybe we can see the dinner menu. I will admit there was nothing on the dinner side that immediately caught my attention, but the decor helped bring me in. I couldn't help but notice the rich and exclusive decor, great flat ware, stemware, and cozy space, where walking in casual in the same building that houses Per Se, Bar Masa, and Bouchon Bakery is totally excepted. The menu, casual too allows customers to have steaks, pan roasted fish, burgers, and daily pasta specials, all the while filling out our jeans and sweatshirts. I also found that this restaurant to my surprise, does not sell wines by the glass.  I must have flipped through the wine menu a few times, and nope! No wines by the glass. I couldn't even get a glass of my beloved prosecco...Landmarc only sells split bottles and whole bottles. I still as I type dont know how I feel about that..I didn't exactly want the 1.5-2 glasses of wine the split bottle offers, but water just wasn't enough.  Anywho, heres what we dined on...

~Fried Calamari 

~French Onion Soup 
~Thursdays Pasta Special- Orecchiette alla Norcina 
~Large Mussels w/ fries 
~LANDMARC chicken burger w/ gruyere cheese and fries. 

The good thing about all the food we seemed to that we walked away from this dinner feeling comfortable. Not fat and full....but comfortable. The food here does not make you feel heavy after eating. Although flavor ful, fresh, and greatly cooked, the weighed down feeling never came, even as we polished off the house made caramels placed on the table along with the check( a box to take home is $15). The french onion soup was just delicious. Loads of melted cheese, a rich veal stock broth and sweet onions. The crispy burnt cheese on the side of the bowl wasn't too bad either! The chicken burger was nothing like Ive ever tasted. It was juicy and you could taste the flame grilled char (which I love on anything!) The mussels with slices of garlic were so fresh, and the seasoned fries dipped in the accompanying mayo (yes mayo). The only thing I could do without was my orrechiette appetizer. I opted not to get the crumbled Italian sausage on top, but even without the sausage the cream sauce with rosemary wasn't a hit.I feel like Ive tasted that before. This review could seem like I didn't enjoy my dinner at LANDMARC which is soooo not true! I would definitely come back, and also recommend for a great date spot. Casual and nice to catch up and enjoy a good meal, no more no less. I like! 

P.S. I didnt have dessert but LANDMARC has fresh cotton candy! ! Ekkkk! 

LANDMARC [ at the time warner building}
10 Columbus Circle 3rd floor 
New York, N.Y. 10019

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