Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Fornos of Spain, restaurant review
I often find that people are a little stand-offish when it comes to traveling for a meal. With chefs now placing great restaurants in not-so great neighborhoods, diners are now flocking to places were no one once even wanted to live . Prime example of my last dinner, where I found myself in Newark, New Jersey. Newark doesn't have exactly the cleanest rap sheet when it comes to safety or low crime  rates, but they do have Fornos of Spain on Ferry street. Known for its Spanish cuisine and fresh seafood by many awards, they should be know for there massive restaurant space and the enormous amount of food they put on your plate and the table. 

The decor of a Italian restaurant, Fornos of Spain is a Newark favorite. Just getting to the back (and 3rd) dinning room was a walk, due to there being a full bar, 1 dining room to the right and another dining room to the left of the hallway, and a fully equipped out door patio which is also equipped for dinning. "I wouldn't wanna be a line cook at Fornos on a extremely busy night", I thought to myself as I looked into there kitchen which is divided into 3 sections.  Waiters, captains, and back waiters are all running around the restaurant making sure all the customers have enough to eat, drink, and have a constant supply of clean flatware...along with crumbing your table. I havent seen service like this from the front of the house in a while. A green salad, 2 types of bread(whole loaves) and your choice of white or red sangria (per pitcher) sits on your table as you sort through the 2 book-like menus, and listen to the specials from the waiter.  Literally the menu's are  2 SEPARATE books...full of deliciousness. Assortments of paellas, sea food stews in red or green sauces, rice dishes, and tons of meat (for the non-seafood lovers) along with the run down of about 3-4 specials the kitchen has to offer. I went a little cross eyed looking at the menu, and Im not the best decision maker in the world, and I was excited..I was like a puppy! Check out what my group of 5 lovely ladies ordered after the jump 
Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Fornos of Spain, restaurant review

On the table we had the following served by the restaurant 

~2 mixed green salads 
~ 2 loaves of bread (regular and garlic) 
~black olives 
~ A pitcher of red sangria 

We ordered the following: 

~Appetizer Special- Crab salad with mango, and avocado 
~Stuffed Salmon 
~Paella Marinera- Shellfish with rice and fresh lobster 
~Shrimp in garlic sauce 
~Mixed Grill - 1/2 lobster, head-on shrimp, Sea Bass, sauteed peppers and onions, also accompanied with yellow rice and mixed vegetables 
~Shellfish in a Green Sauce. 

~Coconut Mango Tartufo 
~Caramel Flan. 

Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Fornos of Spain, restaurant review

With all of this food on our table you would think that it would be a heavy meal, but it wasn't. Everything was light and fresh, and flavorful. There was no need to even look at the salt and pepper shakers on the table. Also the portions are very large, so sharing amongst the table is definelty recommended. I dont even have any bad or dislike for this place. The wait staff is attentive and answer's all questions, they keep the sangria flowing, and the food coming.  The seafood speaks for itself, which is more than enough reason to take this trip to New Jersey. 

47 Ferry Street
Newark, New Jersey 07105

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