Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Coffee Shop in Unions Square

I should start this by saying, I don't leave work sometimes till midnight or later. And although I work around food all day at the restaurant, doesn't mean I wanna eat it everyday. Sometimes I want something to eat outside of what my cooks or myself make in our kitchen. I've been really on the hunt for places that stay open 24hours here in NYC so when I leave at midnight I can go an grab a bite to eat. Very weird eating habits, yes I know. On a very late date night, my date and I headed to Union Square and got a chance to dine outside (it was 100 degree is NYC earlier that day) at COFFEE SHOP. Ive always passed by this place, I went to high school and I shop in Union Square so its not like I didn't know this place was there.. and its open 23hours! The menu kinda hits all the aspects of eating late. Burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and my all time favorite, late night breakfast! Eggs, pancakes, french toast, all that good stuff I enjoy in the 23rd hour. Heres what we dined on: 

~Peach Sangria 
~Grey Goose and Grapefruit
~ Burger w/ swiss cheese and fries 
~Calamari Frito Caruru 

The burger was great and you could really taste the char from the grill. The fries were seasoned with parsley and from what I tasted seemed like a house seasoning maybe. Especially since my calamari was dusted with the same seasoning. Whats unique about this place that I didn't touch on until I read the menu online, is that there are notes of Brazilian flare through out the menu. My plate was interesting in that the dipping sauce for my calamari was tomato....with coconut and mango and fruit juices in it! I couldn't catch it at first but when we asked the waitress, she definitely informed us that the tomato sauce (for the calamari) at COFFEE SHOP has flaked coconut and other hints of fruit in it! My date liked the tomato sauce, I wasn't to fond of it, but it was good. Unfortunately, I didn't order my beloved breakfast foods, but hey maybe I will wind up at COFFEE SHOP midnight or later. 

29 Union Square West 
New York, N.Y. 10003

image via Coffee Shop 

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