As I have stressed so many times before, I am a nerd and I love to read. So when a buzz became constant chatter and then a attainable reality about chef Gabrielle Hamilton's upcoming memoir, "Blood Bones and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef",  I hauled ass over to and impatiently clicked on the books tab. (and even hit up my barnes an noble connect).  Chef Hamilton is the chef/owner of Prune restaurant here in NYC , and with a title " The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef" I knew the inside scoop on her kitchen life would be juicy. The memoir begins in Chef Hamiltons childhood stages where she remninices about her fathers lavish parties including whole roasted lambs, and all the meals she witnessed and  helped her mother prepare, even citing her mom as the person who taught her how to cook. Throughout the continuing chapters, the constant reminder of  "I never wanted to be a chef" plays a major and prominent factor, even as chef  Hamiltons signs the lease on her 30 seat restaurant, which is now the award winning PRUNE here in NYC. Chef Hamilton finds herself in several kitchen jobs, that teach and show her several things....all the while in the back of her mind...'I never wanted to be a chef", playing through her head, even as she graduates with a writing degree. 

So now, I have 2 things, views, personal opinions about this book. Towards the end, I felt like I kind of  got thrown off track as she spent many chapters talking about her family vacations in Italy and her crumbling marriage. Not at all a bad experience, especially since it brought the reader those memories to visual life. The food, her in-laws traditions and welcoming gestures; her mother in laws boiled eggplant dish and the wine they drank. But honestly....I just wanted to read more into her kitchen life, her view on the industry that she never wanted to be in, her wildly successful restaurant, how she managed to do it, and raise 2 boys!  <- thats the female cook in me, the female power in a male industry in me!  

While writing this post, weeks after I actually finished reading the book, the 2nd thought hit me....I see a little of myself in Chef Hamiltons constant reminder of, "I never wanted to be a chef".  When someone continuously repeats, "I dont want"... but finds themselves doing things to only better that previous statement, it must be something you want deep down inside. Chef Hamilton saw the beauty in all of her food experiences from her fathers spit roasted lambs, to working in the kitchen at camp, to not speaking Italian to her mother in law, but sharing the same love and passion for the boiled eggplant dish she grew to love while in her marriage. Key Word, being PASSION. I have said it time and time again...I dont want to be a chef, Im just a cook, all the while applying to jobs in different restaurants as a line cook, subscribing to Food & Wine and Bon Appetite. Do I need to remind you of my job title now? .... 

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