Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Rice to Riches, SoHo

In all the things I have eaten thus far, or have ever written down on my bucket list to eat, rice pudding was NEVER one of them. Why would someone....anyone put my beloved rice in a creamy pudding mixture? I need to know. All of my horrid thoughts of goopy, thick, cold, sticky, bacteria infused because of senseless handling practices, ice cream scoop cafeteria style rice pudding, where SHOT DOWN and buried when I experienced the rice pudding from Rice to Riches. Leaving work one evening slightly annoyed, I headed to Rice to Riches. Please understand Fabulous Eaters, I put on the back burner a place called, The Best Chocolate Cake In The World, to go to Rice to Riches. Ive just heard so many good things about Rice to Riches, even seeing it on Unique Eats on The Cooking Channel, I was right there, so in I went. Read the rest of my rice pudding experience after the jump! 

Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Rice to Riches, SoHo

There is no order, people are everywhere, and rice pudding is everywhere. Speaking of no order there are signs around the store that read " No skinny bitches allowed" , "Diets are for quitters", " Eat all you want, your fat anyway" , and " Anything worth eating is worth over eating" I loved it! Once I understood how to order, I asked to taste a few flavors. There had to be about 10-12 flavors (Original, Panna Cotta, Sex, Drugs, and Rocky Road! just to name a few)  and there's also toppings you can pick to put on top of your selected rice pudding . It kinda gives a new age ice cream/frozen yogurt layout except its rice pudding.  The flavor I decided on, was Marscapone Cherry with butter graham crumble.  I take back all the cafeteria jokes, and nasty faces I EVER made about rice pudding. 

This rice pudding was amazing. A even balance of cooked rice, and the pudding part. The marscapone made it very rich but tolerable, and you could actually taste the marscapone.  The cherries, although I didn't need them to be there were fresh and a good addition. The butter crumb topping was a added bonus. A little salty, not overly sweet, and yes you could actually  taste the butter. The over all rice pudding wasnt too sweet which was actually a good thing because you got experience the actual flavor your eating.  I ordered a small but I didnt finish it all. It was $8 and too good  but I feel like it was worth the money, and I had left overs. Fabulous eaters, go here now! Turn your thought of rice pudding around! I wouldn't steer you wrong! 

37 Spring Street 
New York, N.Y. 10012

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