Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Day in The Life of A Chef

So fabulous eaters, Ive been meaning to write this post for a while now, seeing as how I have a new position at work, and I want to share it with you!  I always want to bring to you my view of things, especially since everyone's "Restaurant Life" is different. So here is a pretty typical run down of my day/night at work, as sous chef..... my restaurant life if you will. I chose this day because alot of things go on, on a typical Friday and Saturday night, which keeps us on our toes all night!

**These are just rough time estimates, I barely have time to sit down an eat, I know I dont have time to clock exact moments!***

10:00am- I usually get a text from a staff member informing me of whats going on that morning, up until I get there.

3:00pm- I get to work, get a run down from my chef, on the work load I have for the evening; check the reservation books; say "Hey" to all my cooks!  Check in the walk-ins, see whats new. Beging eating things off peoples stations lol. I may find out if I have a booked party that evening. If I do I make sure we have everything for the party thats on the guests menu. And then I begin to have a mini-panic attack about how the evening will play out in my head. 

4:00pm- Start on the butchering(if there is any). Breaking down hanger steaks, cleaning and de-boning and portioning  branzino and striped sea bass, breaking down whole chickens, and making confit chicken thighs. Also start brainstorming really quickly, if I want to run a special that night....and of course what will it be.

5:00pm- Talk to each of my cooks and ask for counts on products(for the front of the house to imput into the computer system, i.e "Chef, I have 4 branzino to sell all night"), asking if they are out of anything(my 86 list) for dinner service; write my nightly list for the front of the house, including number counts, 86 list, new ice cream/sorbet flavors, any specials I have made, and what I want them to sell to the customer that night; Crush the cooks dreams by telling them im putting a special on their already busy station; maybe get a plate of family meal and eat it typically standing up and/or walking around. Sitting down is a luxury. 

5:45pm- Make a demo plate of the special for that night, showing my line cooks how to execute the dish,( we taste it of course!) and show the servers how the food will look on the plate, how it will taste, what comes in the meal, and the price. 

6:00pm- Dinner service starts. Maybe start on my tasks for the evening. I may call all of the purveyors to make deliveries for the next day, or wait till a little later in the evening, so I dont have to add on to my order multiple times. 

9:00pm- Im probably expediting at this point in time. I may have to jump on the line, and cook, helping my cooks get through the dinner rush. I like this part of the evening, we work together, and I think it takes the pressure off of them, so we get the food to the customer better. 

11:00pm - Im probably either out the door by now are still on the line. Depends on the evening. But I go home to start this schedule all over again the next day.  

                                                                                                                                 - Christopher S. 

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