Hey all...I came across these quotes while reading (of course! If I could get paid to read, Id be able to get Sallie Mae out of my life) I found them interesting, I thought I would share them with my fab eaters!

"A busy kitchen during the dinner service is a thousand times more tense than a hospital operating room"

"Kitchens are notorious for harsh working conditions and demanding, domineering(and grossly unfair) chefs....Cooks are on their feet for the better part of a day, lifting heavy pots and sacks of potatoes, accumulating blisters and burns as if they were going out of style....There is little fresh air, and the atmosphere is often fraught with tension....As the long hours are long and vacations are scarce, there is little or no time to get a life beyond the restaurant....Who could possibly want to work in these conditions? Evidently, thousands of eager culinary-school graduates, career changers, and those who just love to cook".
-Irena Chalmers, author of Food Jobs; 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students,Career Changers and Food Lovers

"The restaurant buisness is physical. Its stressful. Its not an amazing money maker, compared with other industries which can be much more rewarding in terms of money. So you really have to go into the kitchen, or go into the dining room, and be there and see how beautiful it is and how hectic it can be..."
-Eric Ripert, chef/owner of Le Bernadin restaurant

"A cook and a chef are different entities. Chef is a title. A chef can be good, bad, or everything in between....but when you are a cook that is who you are. Its your spine and your soul. It suffuses all that you touch.When you see the soil busting with young lettuce, with tomatoes, with light green vines of peas, all the molecules between your glaze and your vegetables are charged with the energy of cooking. The air sparkles"
-Micheal Ruhlman, chef and author

"I want some head, some ass...wait... that sounds bad. Some people watch porn. I watch men buthcher pork"
-Anthony Bourdain, chef/restaurateur and author

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