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Its the most wonderful time of the year! Well the fabulous food year anyway. Yes, fabulous eaters, NYC Restaurant Week is upon us and as usual I am hungry.. excited! While most people are hating this time of year, its like Christmas to a true foodie. How can you beat a 3-course lunch for $25 or a 3-course dinner for $38 from some of the finest restaurants in the city that never sleeps. 

Every year during Restaurant week, I have a wish list of places I would like to dine at and this year, Im switching things up!  I want YOU the fabulous eater to recommend places for me to eat fabulously during restaurant week this year. Get the complete list of NYC Restaurant Week participants HERE  then Tweet me at  @SpeedyLVFoodie using the hashtag #ImEatingFab  or show me where you are dining at on Instagram using the hashtag #ImEatingFab and if I choose your restaurant, I will blog about you, why you chose it and the experience I had at the restaurant on www.EatingFabulously.com

NYC Restaurant runs from 7.21-8.15 !
~weekends vary depending on the restaurant.

So, the question of the day is, WHERE SHOULD I EAT FABULOUSLY DURING RESTAURANT WEEK? #ImEatingFab



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Since cutting my hair, I spend a lot of time not just in the hair salon, but in the beauty supply store. From gel to wrapping foam, to bobby pins and more, the beauty supply store is a staple for me now just like restaurants and mascara. Ive been going to one specific beauty supply store recently, because I can get everything I need there to continuously look fab! As any store, Beauty Land has done some remodeling recently and has also added merchandise including jewelry, more makeup, nail appliques, bags and everything in between. On a recent trip, my mom and I noticed a rack with a variety of jelly bags. Cute! we screamed as we walked out of the store. Actually the bags were really really cute, which resembled the classic Chanel bag, just in jelly form. 

Fast forward a few days after and these bags were still on my mind. Its summer so finding cute inexpensive accessories is always a plus and hey its summer! I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the bag...OUT OF THE BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE!  This just goes to show you that you can get some fab finds anywhere! With multiple colors including black, I purchased the red bag and brought it home to love on it! I cant believe that this bag is this adorable from the beauty supply store. The chain strap can be doubled and used as a shoulder bag and also pulled through and used as a single strap bag or a cross body bag. For $29.99 this bag is the best summer accessory I have purchased to date!

Beauty Land 
240 W. 125th Street 
New York, N.Y. 10027
212. 222. 8898



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Whenever new restaurants come into town my foodie antennas go up immediately, so when I started seeing and reading about Chalk Point Kitchen, a new "market to table" restaurant in SoHo by restauranteur Matt Levine, I knew I needed to pay attention. I had visited Levine's former place Sons of Essex, so I was equally excited to head to Chalk Point Kitchen one sunday night with my dining partner, aka my mom. I had been following Chalk Point Kitchens social media accounts as well, so seeing the Lobster Bake announcement via Instagram was an added bonus. 
With no sign on the front of the restaurant (I like!) Chalk Point Kitchen is a small rustic restaurant giving you smooth vintage farm house tease as you enter. Described as "Chinatown meets Union Square Green Market", you definitely get the subtle and unique ChinaTown influence right down to the signature Chinese red rimmed plates that some of the food is served on. (again, I like!) 

As we get settled in and menu's arrive, I couldn't help but drool over all of the menu options that just scream organic, local, and market to table. As we know, eating fabulously is more than just eating great food. Eating fabulously also means eating food this is cared for, seasonal, and sustainable. Getting down to business, we couldn't wait any longer; here's what we dined on.. 



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Hey me! 
(in this new section, FAB Lifestyle I talk about my personal likes aside from food, restaurants and cooking, my own twist on a mini-lifestyle blog. Catch new posts every Friday! #fablifestyefridays  )

I think we can all agree that summer is here! When the weather turns extremely warm, Im on the constant look out for loose fitting tee's and tanks that I can dress up and/or throw in my bag and swap into when the sweat gets to be to much. Earlier in the spring season, I had began my search for cute summer-esqe tops and I came across this linen blend sweater tank from Old Navy. A large portion of my wardrobe is a mixture of high end and low end things, and my addiction to Old Navy is no exception. Whenever asked where I purchased an item, 9 times out of 10 its from Old Navy. At first I wasn't sure if I liked the tank due to the seem going down the middle.  While cruising the store one day, the tanks happen to be on sale and I figured, hey at the very most I can return it if I didn't like it. I purchased a XXL in oatmeal, because I knew I wanted it to be loose and flow. I also wanted the sides to be a little low so I could wear a cute lace bra on date nights. 



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When you travel, there are some restaurants that you must go to when in that selected city. Animal was the main restaurant on our list during a recent work trip to Los Angeles. I had viewed Animal on a travel show a few years back and ever since then, this restaurant has been on my mind. When you visit the restaurants website there isn't any distracting theatrics, just the basic info that you need to know. There isn't even a sign on the restaurant so if your not paying attention you will walk right past it (hint, its next to the Supreme store) 

When you enter Animal, again no theatrics. A small cozy restaurant with some wood panel and a small bar. As the sun goes down, the restaurant gets dim and sexy, perfect for date night. As we were seated, water glasses get filled and a 2 sided paper menu is placed in front of us. Everyone at the table looks at the menu...we look at each other.. and look at the menu again.. and this fabulous eaters.. is where the theatrics begin. Our knowledgable server explained to us that its best to order a number of things and share amongst the table. No pulling our leg on this.. here's what we dined on: