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Eating Fab welcomes Guest Food Blogger April Wardlaw of April's Cookin' & Popcorn Queens 

It’s green, it’s good for you, it’s delicious and guess what? It’s in season! That’s right I’m talking about asparagus. It happens to be one of my favorite vegetables so I tend to eat it year-round. Though there’s nothing better than springtime when I can grab a beautiful bunch of asparagus at a local farmer’s market for dirt cheap. I’m talking as low as $1 and with it’s cheapness, comes endless possibilities.

Asparagus is one of those versatile vegetables that can be incorporated into almost any meal. It’s good in omelets or quiche for breakfast, a pasta for lunch and maybe a nice side dish for a balanced dinner. I have done all of the above in the past but I enjoy the simplicity of roasted asparagus as a side dish. It comes together in minutes and the roasting process really brings out the best of this veggie. Enjoy!

Roasted Asparagus 

1 Bunch Asparagus, woody ends trimmed

2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 425 degrees and arrange asparagus in a single layer on a foil lined baking sheet. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Roast asparagus in the oven for 5-7 minutes. Five minutes will get you bright green asparagus that’s just cooked through. And in seven minutes they will begin to caramelize as pictured.

For Additional Flavor:

Use lemon pepper
Toss cooked asparagus in fresh lemon juice
Top with shavings of fresh parmesan cheese
Top with toasted nuts (such as pine nuts or walnuts)


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During my early teenage years I absolutly hated washing my face. Face washing for me as a teen was like eating vegetables for kids, it was just not going to happen.  Thank goodness I grew out of that. For the past few years now Ive been becoming more conscious of how I take care of my face. Looking at the women and the men in my family, we are blessed with great genes but I also want to beat aging to the punch. 

My mom started using adult facial products when she was 15 years old. Im several years behind, but on my recent 29th birthday I noticed a change. I had run out of my own face moisturizer and was quickly grabbing a small amount of my mom's RevitaLift Triple Power Deep Acting Moisturizer 

As I grabbed a pinch each day, I noticed how it instantly made my face look tighter, brighter and smoother, so instead of stealing I went out to go buy some. To my luck, the store didn't have this particular one but my mom suggested I try her favorite the RevitaLift Double Lifting Cream. The double pump comes with a ultra tightening gel and a anti-wrinkle cream.  You have to pump both sides in your hand and apply on your face and viola! 
Fab skin. Ive been using it every day since I bought it and Im loving how refreshed and bright my face has been looking. So much so I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup lately. 

Head to your local drug store or order a bottle and fight the aging process early! 


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Aside from my everyday job and blogging fabulously, a part of said job at the restaurant is assisting customers with reservations. Ive been in the restaurant industry for pretty much most of my life and I always assumed that people knew how to make a reservations. I was wrong. Terribly wrong. I was unaware that people didn't know how to make a proper reservation and it put me in complete shock. 

With all the restaurants in NYC and in the world, reservations are made every second of the day. With reservation sites like the wonderful and glorious OpenTable ,  Im assuming people are forgetting how to use their words.  It struck me that I needed to make sure my fabulous eaters know how to make reservations properly, so here are my 4 tips for making fab reservations... 

1. Know Where Your Eating  - It amazes me that after I say my standard "Thank you for calling xxxxxx how can I help you!".... people have no idea how I can help them. Literally. Questions like "What restaurant did I call" come through the phone lines often. Be sure to know where you are eating, have the time you would like to dine and the number of people joining you for dinner. These are simple but vital pieces of information that's needed to make the perfect reservation. 

2. Get Some Facts - Head to the restaurants website at some point before calling to make a rezzi. Pretty much all the info you will ever need about said restaurant is there. Of course you have questions and want to talk to a live person, but reverting back to tip number 1, at least know the basic standard facts about a place before you tie up the restaurants phone lines. Open and closing times, policies, and menu's can typically all be found on the site. 

3. Be Nice - "Reservation, 2, 7pm" - > NOT THE WAY TO CALL AND MAKE A RESERVATION.  I know its 2015 and time is of the essence, but basic manners still apply even in the bustling restaurant industry. Please now that we deal with a lot of people on an everyday basis and we know who is going to be polite and who is not. Being polite will not only help the flow of the reservation but it may also cause you to get a great table. 

4. Call Ahead-  Last minute things happen, of course they do..its called life! But if you know you have a reservation on a busy Friday night at 7pm (restaurant prime time) for a table of 6 and you would like to add 5 more people to make it a table for 11 but 1 person will join the table at 8:30pm.... just know that this may not happen.  The restaurant industry is a fast paced business and we cant always make every customer request happen. If you have a change or need a reservation adjusted, please call ahead. 


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photo via SJ
Has this scenario happened to any one else before? Picture it...your kitchen...dinner time...your standing there feeling all types of unfamiliar... You have limited items but none of them seem to go together to you.  

When you open our eyes, ugh ..you sigh hard in anger that these non matching items have not magically vanished? This happened to me like last week! Have no fear fabulous eaters, this recipe will save you the next time your dinner is in shambles.

4 pieces chicken quarters legs/thighs, cleaned skin on
1/2 lb sausage, cut into large chunks
2 small sweet potatoes, peeled, and cut in large chunks
3 red potatoes, washed, skin on or off cut into large chunks
1 lb shiitake mushrooms, stems off and cut in half
1 sweet yellow onion, cut into large chunks
6 garlic cloves, peeled
4 stems of fresh rosemary, cut into 4 pieces

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a medium skillet heat oil. Season chicken with salt and pepper and add chicken thighs, skin side down in skillet and brown for 5 minutes. Turn over on the other side and cook chicken thighs for 5 more minutes and set to the side. In a large mixing bowl add all of your remaining ingredients including the sausage, and toss with a little oil and salt and pepper to taste. Pour mixture out into a large oven proof baking dish, place a few chunks of butter on top, and cook until the potatoes are half way cooked through. Add semi-cooked chicken thighs to potato mix and place in the broiler until chicken is cooked through on the bone, and the potatoes are cooked and crispy.


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Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Pulled Together, food, lifestyle

As I continue to seek inspiration, I continue to search for people doing great things, fabulously.  While surfing the net, I forgot how I initially came across PULLEDTOGETHER.CO  but I kept a close eye on it. Fast forward to now, Im still enjoying all of Rashad's posts and beautiful photography. I reached out to Rashad to chat fabulously about his inspiration behind PULLEDTOGETHER, his favorite places to eat and his food philosophy. 

EF - Where did you get your education from?
Rashad - I went to Howard University where I graduated with a degree in Economics. 

What is your current position?
Aside from PULLEDTOGETHER, I work for the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce in Downtown Brooklyn where I manage the Economic Development program helping small businesses in Brooklyn launch, access training programs and land city contracts by becoming Certified with the City of New York. Following food, community economic development is my other passion. 

Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Pulled Together, food, lifestyle

What is your food philosophy? 
I cook and serve the food I love - food I have passion for. This embodies a mixture of my southern roots and travels. I also approach cooking as a real DIY-er. I must have control over the quality and the outcome of what I prepare.

How did PULLEDTOGETHER come about?
A woman! I fell in-love with a young lady I couldn't afford to take out to dinner in NYC. My father suggested I save money by cooking for her and myself. After countless hours of watching youtube cooking channels and reading countless cook books, I realized my passion was cooking. In 2013, my lady encouraged me to develop my cooking into a lifestyle brand and here we are today. Envisioning my brand to be between a more masculine version of Martha Stewart and GQ magazine, an idea has manifested into catering opportunities, food centered projects and in the near future, product. 

Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Pulled Together, food, lifestyle

Where do you go or what do you cook for a no fail meal?
I really try to cook based on what’s in season but lately I've been roasting whole chicken's frequently. It's such a simple and easy dish. Pat the chicken dry, season it all over with a premium salt and then throw it in the oven at 450 degrees. 45 minutes later you have this beautiful golden bird crisp on the outside yet still juicy on the inside. Pair with some seasonal greens and you're all set. Sometimes, if time permits, I'll even make a pan-sauce from the pan drippings.

Whats 1 item that can always be found in your kitchen?
Growing up, my Father always taught us that with the right tools, you can do anything. I found this to be absolutely true because the one item I can’t do without is my Wusthof Classic Cook's Knife, 8". This knife is a workhorse. It's precise, light and will last a lifetime if you take care of it.

Finish this sentence... "I will never eat"...?
I will never eat at a restaurant where the advertised "celebrity" chef isn't actually cooking my food.

Whats food related guilty pleasure?
I've been addicted to Haagen-Dazs’ Butter Pecan Ice Cream since I was kid. I blame my father.

Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Pulled Together, food, lifestyle

Do you follow any food trends?
I've never been into trends. My inspirations and style all derive from what I think is cool and my experiences.

What are some of your favorite food spots?

The Cecil - how they’re preparing African diaspora soul food is beautiful and delicious.
Miss Lilly’s - Their jerk chicken sandwich with a red stripe and stick a fork in me.
The Little Park - one of the rare spots which places as much attention to detail in both their brunch dishes and cocktails.
Red Hook Lobster pound - a Brooklyn Summer staple
Pok Pok - when we lived in Brooklyn this spot was literally around the corner. Some of the best Thai in the country.
Lucali in Carrol Gardens -  I think has the best pizza in the City

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