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I always love people who get out there, do their own thing and do it well. My favorite food blogger, David of devourthecity.com  has put a new spin on pizza and the pop up. Launching 5B Pizza Pop Up, David has taught himself how to make some dope pizza's, naming them after hip hop aficionado's and he slings his pie's at monthly pop-up's around NYC.  Learn more about the 5 pies that David will be making at this months 5B pizza pop up on January 31st, and click the link after the jump to purchase your tickets! 



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Im so glad its a new year. A lot of ups and downs occurred in 2014 and like any other woman, when life happens your appearance takes a back seat.  A new year has brought new ideas, thoughts and determination...and also a new look. 

I have been experimenting with new lipsticks, clothes and most of all hair styles lately. The more I feel better about what lies ahead this year and continue to drop the stress and the fear of the unknown, my look seems to match my adventurous mood. A very large part of me now wants be more open, make strong solid decisions and not apologize for anything that I say, do or feel. Also, its winter and I don't want to comb my hair.. Blah. 

If you think switching up your style can be costly, think again. Everything I have on my face in the above picture was under $100. Im pretty sure the most expensive thing I have on might be my hair! Im a drugstore girl and CVS, Duane Read and the beauty supply store are my go to's for shopping on a budget. Whether its trying a new lipstick, a new brand of lashes or trying a new hair color, I head to the drugstore to practice before diving into big purchases. You can start with small changes for a small price. And if you don't like something? Try something new! Thats what shopping fab is all about! Because lets face it, id rather throw away a $5 matte lipstick than a $35 matte lipstick any day! Take a look at how Im staying fab, for under $100. 

Bare Mineral's Foundation   - $30 

Maybelline FIT Me Concealer - $10 

Lashes  - $3 

Mascara  - $10 

Brows - $3  I use a variety of brow/eye pencils, about 3 (1 dark brown, 1 black, and 1 cream) to achieve the brow I like. 

Lipstick  - $1 + $5.95 Matte lipstick on top, I found at H&M. 

Hair - Jamaican Twist Braid Hair - $20  - I bought 4 packs of hair - Check out my friend Kelly's Youtube video on how I learned how to do my own crotchet braids. 

Crotchet Braiding Hook - $1 

Gold Hoops - $1

                                   TOTAL:  $84.95 

              What new looks are you trying in 2015? 
                     Leave in the comments below! 



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We need a delicious recipe break here in NYC. Winter is knocking at our door and something warm and comforting is pretty much all that is needed. Just a common question...What do you do when life gives you lemons? Well..since you've been eating fabulously, when life gives you lemons you add shrimp, tomatoes, fresh rosemary and reduce. Enjoy!

Tomato, Rosemary and Lemon Shrimp
serves 2

1/2 lb clean and peeled White Shrimp
1 1/2 plum tomato, diced (keeping all of the liquid, seeds, and pulp)
4 cloves of garlic, sliced
the juice of 1 and 1/2 lemons
1/2c. chicken stock
fresh rosemary, chopped about 1 tablespoon
olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste 

** canned tomatoes are great for this recipe as well! 

In a medium sauce pan heat olive oil and add sliced garlic cloves and sauté.  Add diced tomato with all the residual juice and pulp. Cook tomatoes down about half way, and add the chicken stock and lemon juice and simmer until a quarter of the liquid has reduced. Add cleaned shrimp, and continue to simmer until shrimp are cooked through but are not over cooked and tough. Season with salt and pepper to taste. While continuing to reduce the sauce, whisk in butter, and finally add the fresh chopped rosemary. Serve hot over a thick piece of toasted bread brushed with olive oil to soak up all the deliciousness of course!



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As a fabulous restaurant insider, I spend a lot of my time in the kitchens and the dining rooms of restaurants. From starting my morning off with coffee and food media sites, texting chefs, and double tapping food porn on Instagram, its pretty much my job and my life to be in a restaurant. Im no restaurant genius, but I know a few things. From the beginning of the day to the time the dish hits your table during restaurant prime time hours ( 7pm-9pm if your wondering) , we are the movers and shakers of the industry. 

Recently New York Magazine released "How The Restaurant Game is Played" a inside look at the actions of restaurants and chefs. Believe it or not, restaurants do certain things for a reason and I particularly love the "Menus are Business Proposals" section of this feature. I find that people don't really know why restaurants do certain things and begin to make a fuss over something the average person simply doesn't know about. I realized Hey! If you don't know, then let me tell you! Here are some Restaurant Rules for The New Year. 

"How do restaurants make (and spend) money?
Revenues are simple: customers’ checks, split between food and beverage. Costs are more extensive but don’t vary much—primarily goods, labor, and rent—and most restaurants aim to meet the same benchmarks. For example, one successful downtown restaurant that did over 200,000 covers (or checks) last year took in more than $14 million in revenue, about 60 percent of which was in food sales and about 40 percent in beverage. The menu prices ran about four times the cost of goods. Labor costs ate about a third of all revenues, and rent about 8 percent. The restaurant made about a 10 percent profit."
 - via NYMag.com 

Tipping is IMPORTANT:  Did you know the minimum wage for a server is $5.00 an hour? Five whole dollars a hour and lets not forget taxes! Yikes! Tipping is crucial when tips make up a large part of servers salaries. If they don't get tips... how do they pay their rent? Think about it. 

Know What You Enjoy Eating:  In a time where food consumes every aspect of our lives, everyone thinks they are eating fabulously. Everyone has their favorites and it helps everyone in the restaurant to know what you like before you order. If you enjoy your steak medium well, order your steak medium well. Do you enjoy a light wine? A hearty red wine? or are you open to trying a new vintage? The server and the chef are always open to expanding your palette, but we also like when you know how to order your food properly. It helps the flow of the kitchen, the server and the restaurant run smoother especially on a busy Friday or Saturday night. 

Keep It Inside the Restaurant: Dining out is a gamble. On any given night a mishap can take place... the cork breaks in a bottle of wine.. your server forgetting your side dish or the hostess seating time may take a little longer than stated. These things happen. Talking to your server or a manager in a polite tone is the best way to get these problems solved.  In a world where word of mouth means everything for restaurants, writing a negative online restaurant review for one small mishap isn't always the best way to approach this situation.  



Another year has flown by and that means its time to recap all of the fabulous eats I came in contact with in 2014. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was sitting down to write my 10 Fab Eats of 2013 and now Im here again. 2014 was a delicious year food wise, but this year I felt I had some surprisingly amazing bites from some unsuspecting places. From eating at new restaurants in NYC to getting some sun and fresh food in California, this year was another one for the foodie books.  Here are The 6 Fab Things I Ate in 2014... 

1. Chalk Point Kitchen  - Any time someone asks me where they should dine next, I reply "Chalk Point Kitchen" in Soho. This was hands down my favorite meal of 2014, as I sat inside this vintage-y farmhouse inspired restaurant cracking into whole lobsters, and savoring the freshness of my handmade burrata appetizer and roasted heirloom carrots. 

2. EggSlut - Traveling for work can be great especially when you travel to LA and beat the crowd to EggSlut for breakfast. This egg sandwich is like none other, and to think Ive had a million sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Make sure to grab a seat at the counter to watch these crafted sandwiches and coddled eggs disappear by hungry customers. 

3. ANIMAL - I love restaurants that play it simple with decor and WOW with food and service. Dining at ANIMAL and experience California locality and unexpected flavor combinations really made me think about food coast to coast. My favorite dish during my meal was the yellowtail collar with citrus and palm sugar. Collars are so underused and ANIMAL makes sure its the star of the evening. 

4. Vinateria - A small restaurant located on Harlem's acclaimed restaurant row, I had a amazing dinner (grilled pork blade included!) and experience. Vinateria will become my go to spot in 2015, and I cant wait to try brunch as well. 

5. Atlantic Grill near Lincoln Center  -  Seeing Atlantic Grill time and time again, it never really crossed my mind to stop in for diner. Boy was I wrong. Everything I had that evening was perfectly cooked, fresh and flavorful. With sushi and a very strong menu,  Atlantic Grill at Lincoln Center was one of those meals that you can go to again and again.

6. Kristabelli  -  When New Yorkers hear "Restaurant Week" and dull sigh usually happens. I rejoice in Restaurant Week because it gives me a push to get out and try all the places on my foodie list. This year, I headed to Kristabelli, and discovered the wonders of Wagyu and dry aged rib eye steak..cooked on a smokeless crystal table top grill. Lets not forget the popcorn ice cream, and clear glass wine wall. This is a great place for date night in 2015. 

What did you eat that was fabulous in 2014?