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When deciding where to dine recently one night after work, I remembered my ever running list of restaurants.  Ever since opening I have continuously had my eye on Vinateria,  a small chic restaurant on Harlem's booming 8th avenue. This dark restaurant nestled on the corner, has outdoor seating during the summer, and a dark sexy vibe on the inside. With influences by way of Spain and Italy, the seasonal menu and sparkling tables, I knew we were in the right place for a great dinner after. 

Starting the evening off with glasses of Lambrusco and Rose, my dining partner and I dove right into the menu. With the help of our server and our appetite for fabulous foods, we ordered several things in courses, because hey all we had was time. I love ordering large amounts of food with friends and having the kitchen send out food as its ready. It gives you time to savor the moment with friends and also eat tons of really great food.  Here's what we dined on: 

Special Daily Flatbread x Figs 
Grilled Octopus x Celery x Greens x Gigante Beans 
Confit Denver Lamb Ribs x Yogurt x Herbs 
Gnocchi Sardi x Homemade Sausage x Broccoli Rabe x Parmigiano 
Grilled Pork Blade x Potato Puree x Braised Radicchio 

Starting with the flat bread of the day, which was crispy, cheesy and laced with figs, the grilled octopus came next. I'm obsessed with tender octopus and this dish at Vinateria was what the doctor ordered. After eating everything on the table.. (sigh) we skipped the dessert and ordered a large entree to share. The star of the evening was the grilled pork blade, which we heard was the chef's favorite and we can see why. Perfectly grilled and heavily seasoned with salt and pepper, this juicy pork blade with creamy pureed potatoes and braised radicchio quickly became my comfort meal for the rest of the winter. 

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Vinateria has definitely left a mark on my fork and knife as I'm planning my next visit as I type.  I really enjoyed everything, even down to sitting next to the kitchen. With beautifully prepared fresh food and great service, Vinateria will be seeing a lot of me.

Fab Tip - ask to sit at the communal table in the back by the kitchen for a sexy date night with your love. 

Vinateria Harlem 
2211 Frederick Douglass Blvd.
New York, N.Y. 10026



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I don't know what has come over me lately but lipstick has been on my mind. I see so many beautiful women in all of these amazing shades and hues of fantastic lipstick, and my nude lipgloss just wasn't cutting it any longer. I have been experimenting with the color red lately and I started safe with red nail polish. After a few tries and different shades, I finally decided to shoot for red lipstick. I discovered NK beauty products in my favorite beauty supply store and started exploring there lipstick section for the best colors. 

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Priced at just $1, NK lipsticks are perfect to experiment with, without putting a dent in your makeup allowance. With Vitamin E to help keep your pout soft,  I can go a large portion of my day without reapplying, even after eating and sipping my morning grande dark roast. After much success with my red lip, I went back to try my luck at more daring colors and to also pick up some lip pencils as well. Tracing the line of your lip with a lip pencil helps give your lips a more fabulous put together look while also helping your lipstick stay in its place.

After trying another brand, Im really enjoying NK lipsticks. I am already thinking of bright purples and soft pinks for summer and the price point allows me to play with various colors and also gives me room to try colors I would never buy, like this black lipstick. I cant wait to figure out how to pair this dark lip for a daytime look and an evening look. 

NK Lipstick in Bordeaux #905 
NK Lipstick in Black #306
NK Lipstick in Ruby Red #100 

Lip Pencil : 

NK Auto Lip Pencil in Red 
NK Auto Lip Pencil in Plum 
NK Auto Lip Pencil in Black 

#EatingFab hashtag name plate necklace courtesy of Danielle Steven Jewelry 

What are some of your favorite lipstick brands? 

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photo via Julie FPP
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the stress of planning a fabulous Thanksgiving meal is at an all time high. I figured all of you fab eaters will be checking out ideas for this delicious holiday, so I made a bundle post of all my Thanksgiving tips, tricks and recipes.  

From side dishes, my mom's famous mac-n-cheese recipe, and 5 tips for an alternative Thanksgiving, this years Thanksgiving is bound to be, fabulous. 

8 Tips for a Fabulous Thanksgiving 

13 Dishes for Your Thanksgiving Table 

6 Fab Restaurants to Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner 

Fab Mac-n-Cheese Recipe 

5 Tips for An Alternative Thanksgiving 



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I can not believe its time to choose a restaurant for my family and I to dine at for Thanksgiving. Where has the time gone? I swear I was just raving about how excited I was for summer sunshine and now Im wrapping up in my infinity scarf and heading to dinner. While Christmas is more my holiday, my family and I have started a new tradition of dining out at different restaurants for Thanksgiving. This gives us a chance to beat the hustle and bustle of the grocery store and also sit down, relax and eat at new restaurants we have been wanting to try all year. After surfing OpenTable, here are my 5 Fab Restaurant Picks to Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner. 

A VOCE Columbus - 3 course prix fixe for @ $75 | 4 course prix fixe @ $95 

The Cecil  - 3 course prix fixe menu @ $65 per person 

Chalk Point Kitchen - 5 course family style prix fixe 

Bar American - 3 course prix fixe menu @ $89 per person 

The Smith - 3 course prix fixe menu @ $55 per person 

Minton's - 3 course prix fixe menu @ $85 per person 



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As we know I have a love for steel cut oatmeal. Whether it be brunch at a restaurant, from Jamba Juice or in my home kitchen, steel cut oatmeal is my absolute favorite when I want a filling breakfast. I was on Instagram recently, and I came across this picture of an amazing bowl of hot cereal via Bon Apetite. Prior to this I had read something quickly on hot cereal, and figured hey! let me see what this is about. A recent trip cruising down the cereal isle, I decided to seek out a small package of hot cereal for me to try on my days off. 

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Hot cereal can be a number of things to many different people, across many different cultures. My choice of hot cereal came with quinoa and flax seeds but across the board, hot cereal comes in various grains to pick from and experiment with.  I really love fact that this cooks quicker than steel cut oatmeal, so I can make it through out the week, even in the mornings before going to work. Im also enjoying this hot cereal as a filling and healthy alternative to grits. I have seen savory items placed with hot cereal as well, such as roasted squash so that will be my next experiment. 

christopher stewart, eating fabulously, hot cereal, grains, breakfast

Salted Caramel Apple Hot Cereal 

3T. butter 
3T. sugar 
3T. half -n-half or cream 
pinch of sea salt 

Prepare hot cereal according to packaging and your liking. Thinly slice your favorite apple and set aside. In a small sauce pan, melt butter. When butter is melted and foaming, add sugar and stir until completely melted. Pour in cream and continue to stir over low to medium heat. Caramel will begin to turn into a light brown. If caramel becomes too thick, additional cream can be added. Turn off heat and stir in sea salt. Place sliced apples in caramel to warm. When ready, spoon apples and caramel over bowl of creamy hot cereal and serve immediately. 

 ** Sugar will begin to harden due to the coldness of the milk, but continue stirring over a low to medium flame.