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With the last days of summer upon us, I cant help but hold on to this delicious corn cob with a kung fu grip. Waiting 6+ months for delicious ripe peaches, heirloom tomatoes, and all the produce that summer brings can get a little depressing to us fab foodies.  With fall literally just a few days away, lets inhale this summery recipe roundup as long as we can... Here are 8 Meals To Help Enjoy The Last Days of Summer 



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Breathe in fabulousness...Breathe out fabulousness... 

Ive been bouncing this idea around in my head for a few on whether or not I should write personal posts for Fab Lifestyle Fridays. Eating Fabulously is continuing to change day by day along with myself and my thoughts, which brought me to this. 

With constantly working on new ways to make Eating Fabulously shiny and new (and being present at work) I have hit the 5 yr mark on blogging. Yay us! Recently, I have begun to feel myself searching for inspiration..something new.. a spark of fabulousness. On Twitter, on Instagram, through friends and magazines. In that search I began reading other blogs and we all have a few things in common.. 

Life gets stale and we need breaks from life.
We are all searching for inspiration 
Blogging is hard! 

I believe my inspiration came to a halt when my family and I suffered 2 detrimental deaths all in the same year recently. No one ever tells you the after math of death, and I will admit this has added to my lack of inspiration.  So with lack and drive battling inside of you at the same time, a constant "search" kicks in. Finding inspiration (when all you want to do is nap) is well, hard. 

For starters, I went back to the roots, the beginning stages of where I started with Eating Fabulously, which I found 5yrs ago in the pages of Fabulosity: What It Is and How To Get It by Kimora Lee Simmons. This book was detrimental to the initial start of Eating Fab and I went back in it to get that same push that I had the first time I read it. 

Another slight nudge was knowing that fall is coming and with fall brings new restaurants, food trends, and of course new posts! I would love to know how and where you guys find new inspiration, so please leave a comment below. 

     Where do you go to find new inspiration? 
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As every fab girl sits on the couch pouting and staring at her new iOS 8 download, we all know one thing... Football season is here. As our guys sit in front of the tv and catch us pouting from time to time, we can still eat fabulously through out the season.  It doesn't just have to be chicken wings and pizza this football sunday. The same rules can apply when making game snacks for your guy. You can throw some fabulousness on his plate and he can still be full. Here are 6 Fab Eats for Football Sunday.. 

     What snacks do you like to eat during football season? 



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When I created Eating Fabulously I had a vision of what it would be and the audience it would engage. Eating Fabulously isn't just about eating expensive meals, its about being fab inside and out, working hard, and eating food that is fresh and cared for, and Monica Drayton fits this description. I met Monica Drayton through a mutual friend and took notice to how fab she was. A working girl, wife and mom to 2 adorable boys, I watched from the side lines, noting this girl has it all together. She continued to amaze me again when she launched Boom N' Chunk Baking Supply Co. her very own cake pop business. As I kept my eye on her fab pops covered in bright sugar and flavors such key lime and Ameretto Trill, I decided that I needed to know what was going on. For my birthday this year, I skipped the birthday cake and went right to Boom N' Chunks. Not only were the cake pops amazing, Monica delivered them herself in the rain. How fab is that? I was not a cake pop fan prior to, but after indulging in Red Velvet, Bourbon Maple Bacon and other flavors, I was a reformed cake pop lover. I got the chance to catch up with Monica and chat about all things fabulous including sugar, college, and GMO's.



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While working at the restaurant, this salad came to life during a hot summer behind a burner. Summer screams grilling and you can honestly put anything on the grill. From desserts, to oysters to lettuce, summer and grilling just go together. Not only can this salad be brought at your local farmers market, it can vary using seasonal ingredients. This is one of my favorite salads because it has everything I love in one salad and I love the sweetness of the brown sugar vinaigrette. Its also quick and easy and if you don't have a grill near, don't panic! This salad is equally fabulous with non-grilled peaches.